A Real Hero (Updated)

24 May 2016 / 14:14 H.

PETALING JAYA: Just like a fight scene from a South Indian movie, an Indian national turned hero when he saved the day for a woman and her young daughter who were nearly robbed in a KTM Komuter train near the Setia Jaya station, Sungei Way on Saturday.
The foreigner, who was clad in a T-shirt embossed with the words "Serve All" in large bold letters, confronted the robbers single-handedly on seeing the woman and her daughter in distress.
When they attempted to attack him, he floored one of the youths.
On seeing the man showing no fear of being outnumbered, the robbers took off quickly and got off the train at the next station.
The incident came to light when the victim, Reena Peter, related the encounter in a posting in her Facebook account on Sunday, calling the Indian "an angel who came in to fight the mob".
In the posting, she said that she and her daughter had boarded the barely occupied coach to KL Sentral when a group of youths came up to them, misbehaved and demanded cash and their valuables.
Alone and helpless, the terrified mother and her child were relieved when the Indian came up and ordered the youths to leave them alone.
Shaken up by the incident, Reena said: "We were not able to ask this angel's (his) name or say thank you. But my daughter got his picture on her mobile (phone). If any one knows this guy, please SHARE!!!! that Ms Reena & her daughter said thanks".
theSun managed to trace the Good Samaritan and obtained his telephone number but learnt that he had left for India early yesterday.
In a telephone interview, the Indian who only wanted to be known as Samuel and whose parents are Malaysians said that he had arrived in Malaysia on May 17 to give his family a surprise.
The 30-year-old human resources manager who works and lives in Chennai, India said on the day of the incident he was returning to his parents' home after attending an event called the "Jesus Festival" by the World Harvest Church at the Sunway Convention Centre here.
"There were not many people on the train at 8pm and I heard a commotion and thought it was a fight. However, when I saw the victims being surrounded and threatened by the youths, I went to their aid. They manhandled and pushed me away, yelling at me in Bahasa Malaysia which I do not understand. When they attempted to attack me again, I threw the ringleader of the group to the ground. They then fled the scene." he told theSun.
Asked why he chose to help the victims despite being outnumbered, the humble foreigner said: "The victims were helpless, I had to help them. Moreover, as a Christian, it is my religious obligation to serve a good deed. I had no intentions to earn fame from this, I just wanted to help. Malaysia is my second home and I hope this does not affect tourism in the country."
Attempts to contact Reena for comments yesterday were futile.


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