Healthy heart in a sachet

31 May 2016 / 10:27 H.

HOW unfortunate for us that most of our favourite local dishes are usually high in fat, and if consumed regularly in line with our sedentary lifestyles, can lead to a number of cardiovascular diseases.
Local researchers have already supported this fact in a recent study which revealed that Malaysians in their 30s have arteries akin to those in their 70s. Still, preventive heart care is not a priority among Malaysians.
However, Nestlé Malaysia intends to change the status quo by making heart care easy and convenient through its Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats.
Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats is the first in the market that combines the goodness of two naturally-derived cholesterol lowering ingredients, Acticol® and Beta-glucan. Working like the best of buddies, while Acticol® blocks cholesterol from entering the bloodstream, it works synchronously with Beta-glucan from the oats which binds with cholesterol in the gut and is excreted from the body. This dual-action power is the “secret” to the efficacy of Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats.
“Small lifestyle changes such as getting regular exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet complemented by two servings of delicious Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats a day can improve the quality of life for those at risk,” said Nestlé Malaysia business executive manager of milk Ng Su Yen during the product launch.
“With this new product, we want to help Malaysians make effortless adjustments to their everyday routines for better overall health. As an advocate of heart health, we want to empower Malaysians to take consistent and pro-active steps to ensure a wholesome and worry-free long life,” she added.
Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats is available in ready-to-drink single serve sachets. Simply add 200ml of hot water to enjoy a healthy beverage anywhere. A bag of 10 sachets is priced at RM19.98. It is retailed at major hypermarkets throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

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