CRM driving an ambitious agenda

01 Jun 2016 / 12:36 H.

COMMERCIAL Radio Malaysia (CRM) is in good hands with Datuk Jake Abdullah, CEO Astro Radio, being elected unopposed as president for the ensuing two years (2016-18).
In an exclusive interview with theSun, Abdullah (pix) was confident of strengthening the role, relevance and ambit of radio as a medium in Malaysia besides expanding potential revenue accruals.
He is drawing upon the support of savvy, committed veterans like Malek Ali (BFM Radio) and former president Sathiaseelan Paul Thurai (CEO Media Prima Radio Networks) and other motivated committee members. These include vice-president Erin Hwang Bin Bin (Rimakmur/Star Radio Group), honorary secretary Anida Mohd Tahrim (Media Prima Radio Networks) and honorary treasurer Jeffery Raymond (Astro Radio).
CRM has recently welcomed three new members – iMalaysia For Youth (iM4UFM), Cense Media Sdn Bhd (Kupi Kupi FM) and Husa Network Sdn Bhd (Manis FM). This industry body now has 18 members representing 24 commercial radio stations.
Abdullah postulates that Radio is now operating in a manner which is radically different from its traditional mode. No longer just a single-audio vehicle operating from the living room or kitchen shelf, Radio nowadays is accessed through multiple modes and touch-points. [See Box]
Radio offers a lower-cost communication option for many brands/marketers. Arguably however, it still remains an under-achieving medium. To grow their client and advertiser base, Radio marketers must demonstrate how these multiple modes and touch-points can be appropriately used and leveraged to generate communication solutions and competitive advantages. Besides scope of using them in tandem with other medium, platforms and promotional strategies for targeted plus aggressive communication and activation.
He also believes that commercial radio will continue creating “wider public value and service”. Because “our content stimulates a sense of local community and increases awareness of social action in Malaysia while playing a significant economic role promoting local businesses”. He particularly cites how radio played a definite role in generating wider awareness across all segments of the Malaysian population during the two tragic Malaysia Airlines disasters.
Moving away from its dependence on Nielsen, CRM has also engaged GfK, a new research partner, to generate comprehensive, compelling insights and data regarding the audience which is accessing Radio through various modes and touch-points. For the next two to three years, GfK is expected to “provide applicable market and consumer information” which will define and reinforce “radio’s presence amongst consumers”.
RADIO: Multiple Modes and Touch-Points
1. Cars: drive-time radio
2. Trucking: blue-collar/red-neck
3. Satellite radio
4. Internet - through the computer/laptop
5. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast)
6. Mobile phones
7. Apps and web players
8. OTT (over-the-top content)
9. Social media engagement
10. Transistors/radio-sets still exist

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