Never too old to dream

26 Jul 2016 / 17:11 H.

MOST people would already have started making their retirement plans when they hit their 50s. But not Dhyan Vimal.
The 52-year-old has taken on the onerous task of producing and directing his first feature film, Temuan Takdir.
Dhyan has done ­commercials and ­documentaries before, but he finds ­directing a movie a totally ­different ball game.
“I love learning,” says Dhyan. “Every year, I learn something new. If you do not do that, then your brain gets dull.”
He strongly believes that growing older should not stop us from making our life interesting.
His positive attitude is in part inspired by a visual artist friend who was diagnosed with HIV.
“He told me: ‘I am not ready to die’,” recalls Dhyan. “He has not allowed his ­situation to stop him from living life to the full. He is an amazing inspiration for me.”
Dhyan believes people should take more risks in life, and get out of their comfort zone.
“What I like best about ­directing this movie is that I fell in love with me, all over again. A part of me came alive again.
“I believe I feel this way because I am doing something that I have never done before in my life.
“We are an undiscovered ­commodity. We do not know what we are capable of until we try something new.”
Temuan Takdir, which opens in cinemas on Aug 11, is a 90-minute action drama about two ­policemen ­brothers who are investigating a robbery. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
Playing the brothers are Zahim Albakri and Ery Zukhairi. They are supported by ­Vanidah Imran, Azura ­Zainal and former Miss Malaysia Thanuja Anathan.
The RM1.5 million movie is also a project under Friends to Mankind, a non-governmental organisation that Dhyan started 12 years ago.
“When I was younger, I had a lot ideas,” he says. “I did not get a chance to put those ideas into action because everyone is looking for people with experience.”
While making the movie, Dhyan gave a chance for young talents to show off their skills, and to gain some ­experience in the movie business.
For ­example, both the film poster ­design, and the ­editing of the film were done by ­industry ­newcomers.
His ­favourite scene from the film is where one of the ­robbers gets shot and is dying.
“It’s his birthday, and his friend and partner in crime is singing happy birthday to him,” he says.
“In the next scene, the ­audience sees his girlfriend ­wrapping his present without knowing that he is dying. It is a beautiful emotional scene.”
Audiences might likely compare the ­action scenes in his film with those seen in ­Hollywood productions, despite them having a far bigger budget.
“I do not have the budget for massive explosions,” he says, adding that there is no way we can compete with them.
But he still believes local filmmakers can make a good action movie with a small budget, as long as they try not to imitate Hollywood.
“I am more interested in capturing the emotions that a person is going through in the action scenes, instead of just showing some fancy, car-­flipping action scenes,” he explains. “What you will find in this movie is ­honesty.”
When asked who his all-time favourite ­director is, Dhyan names Quentin ­Tarantino. “He is just crazy and loves breaking the rules.”
One can ­certainly see these traits in Dhyan, too.
Watch the trailer here :

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