Acson Malaysia turns 32

25 Oct 2016 / 11:08 H.

IN celebrating Acson Malaysia’s 32nd anniversary, the group launched a new range of environmentally-friendly and high quality heating and ventilation air-conditioning models via its Acson Variable Refrigerant (AVR) portfolio.
The new range currently offers two product series, which comprise AVR Carefree and AVR Eco Plus.
Under the AVR Carefree series, products adopt advanced DC inverter technology and are tailored to save energy and enhance comfort.
Its highly efficient DC inverter compressor features rotor cylinders made with neodymium magnets that produce powerful magnetic fields to enhance compression torque for more efficient operation.
The DC inverter controller technology generates a smooth 180 degree sinusoidal voltage wave form that enables the stator coil of the compressor to constantly forma steady rotating magnetic field for stable running speeds while reducing vibration and noise.
Expect stable and accurate temperature control with its unique dynamic load forecast function and uninterrupted tracking technology according to indoor load demand. The brand-new M-Touch touch screen wired controller is fitted with a temperature sensing probe on the back to sense the actual ambient temperature of the room.
The AVR Eco Plus series on the other hand, offers products created by Acson’s best scientists aligned to stringent Japanese standards for the best and most affordable cooling solutions.
Eight major advantages include:
an Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) of 7.15 which places AVR Eco Plus at the forefront of the industry;
► a 120m-long connection pipe for flexible installation in high rise building without degradation of performance;
► triple back-up operation guarantee function for uninterrupted operation;
► double silent mode for optimal temperatures throughout day and night;
► convenient smart room card function for property managers;
► dual power failure protection function that ensures resumed operations when power is restored;
► multiple static pressures and thorough heat exchange for outdoor units; and
► built-in ModBus protocol gateway, which saves cost and simplifies the installation process.
“Acson has been offering excellent locally assembled products integrated with Japanese technology to cater to the needs of Malaysians for the past 32 years and still counting,” said Acson Malaysia general manager Lee Nam Chuan.
“With passionate service and commitment from my fellow colleagues in Acson Malaysia and the strong support from all our valued business partners, we are confident that we are going to see promising results for our new AVR products in years to come,” added Lee.
For more product information, visit the Acson website.

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