myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016 paves the way for younger generation

14 Nov 2016 / 01:06 H.

CYBERJAYA: myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016 has paved the way for the younger generation to experiment and challenge them to create awareness on the significant role of robotics technology towards the development of the country. 
Aisharuddin Nuruddin, Senior Director of the Technology and Society Division of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that this competition will encourage creativity and innovation among the younger generation. 
"Malaysia has been quite successful in capturing the benefits of the scientific and engineering enterprises where we have emerged as a leader among developing countries. However, it will take continuous focus and investment in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) if we hope to have sustainable growth beyond 2020 and stay ahead of our economic competitors," he told the media at the old MCMC headquarters today. 
He added that in order to reflect the emphasis in STEAM, the drive on Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics technology has been kickstarted among the younger generation. 
"MRC 2016 is one of the grand events in 2016 by all and for all (government, industries, public academia and youth) to increase their awareness on robotics. More initiatives on robotics, drones, 3D printing and IoT programming will be conducted at MCMC," he said.
The event has offered a platform for robotics hobbyists and students to learn through competition against their peers. 
"Here they take responsibility for the design, assembly and performance of a battle robot that will compete all out with an opponent's robot in a specially designed game field. The winner of the competition will be the team whose robot is the top survivor in a series of head to head elimination rounds," Aisharuddin said. 
In the Sumo Robot Competition for Junior category SKJC Sin Hua emerged as champion while in the Self Balancing Sumo Robot category University of Malaysia won.

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