Barisan Nasional component parties hit out at misguided attacks

01 Dec 2016 / 20:17 H.

PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional component parties hit out at the misguided attacks on the appointment of non-Malays to top positions in government-linked companies (GLCs) during the Umno annual general assembly.
MCA and Gerakan expressed their dismay that the racial card had been played up during the debates by Wanita Umno.
Wanita MCA publicity bureau chairman Ivone Low Yi Wen said her party was aghast at the racist insult by the Wanita Umno Bagan division chief Hamidah Arshad.
Hamidah had said "GLCs belong to us, but why are we giving them (top positions) away to other races?"
Low pointed out that the description "government-linked companies" and that the government belong to and represent all Malaysian citizens irrespective of ethnicity and religion.
"The government is not a private ownership solely of Wanita Umno.
"Tax-paying Malaysians contribute towards the government's coffers for allocations towards all ministries, government agencies including GLCs for national development in every Budget," she said.
She said it was unfortunate that Hamidah had exploited the Wanita Umno debates to regress into racist profiling to score political mileage.
Low urged the Bagan division chief to give a breakdown on the number of employees in GLCs based on ethnicity, and likewise the ethnic breakdown of all the contractors, consultants and lawyers currently providing services to GLCs.
Gerakan Youth deputy national head Andy Yong Kim Seng said the reason some in Umno are espousing the racial card is because they have reached a stage where they think the BN component parties cannot win in the coming general election.
"This is not a right move as it undermines the component parties, this detrimental act will end up alienating voters.
"As the leading party, Umno should not support one side or the other but be all inclusive," he said.
Yong said meritocracy should play an important part in the future of the country and not race-based appointments.
He said since independence all races have helped develop the nation and make the country what it is today and this must continue for the country's future.

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