Movie Review - Office Christmas Party

15 Dec 2016 / 22:07 H.

I REALLY went into the ­cinema hall expecting to be served juvenile ­humour and a sappy ending. Happily, I did not have to cringe or throw up.
In Office Christmas Party, we are first introduced to Josh Parker (Jason Bateman), the chief technical officer of struggling tech company Zenotek, who has just signed his divorce ­papers.
He then heads to his office, which is pretty much in the ­Christmas mood.
However, company CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) shows up and informs her brother, Clay (T.J. Miller), who is the branch child-like manager, that she is closing down the branch to cut costs.
Carol also orders Clay to cancel any plans for a Christmas party, which she thinks is a waste of money.
Josh, Clay and Josh's lead engineer Tracy (Olivia Munn) beg her to give them time to convince a buyer, Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance), to purchase their latest innovation.
However, upon realising they need to convince Walter that the company is still doing fine, Clay decides to invite him to their Christmas party.
Things get out of hand very quickly thanks to some cocaine ­accidentally getting slipped into a snow machine.
And thanks to the talented cast, there is never a dull moment when you feel like ­taking a bathroom break.
Aniston is brilliant as the nasty Carol, who is not above scaring a little girl who stole her pasty.
Bateman is brilliantly subtle as usual, while Miller is funny without being ­annoying.
Overall, this is one movie that is guaranteed to give some good laughs.

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