Burger seller jailed five years for supporting Movida blast

07 Mar 2017 / 21:41 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: A burger seller, who provided support during the attack on the "Movida" night club by the Islamic State (IS) group was sent to jail for five years, by a High Court, today.
Wan Syahrul Naim Wan Junus, 29, from Pendang, Kedah, who admitted to two charges, was a member in a "telegram" group called "Black Crow" and Mohamad Wanndy Mohd Jedi, was the "group admin".
High Court judge Datuk Azman Abdullah jailed Wan Syahrul for five years, after he admitted to giving support to the terrorist act, which involved the use of explosives, through "Telegram" application in his handphone.
The offence was committed at no. 127, Kampung Pondok Cegar, Pendang, between March 25, 2016 and June 29, 2016.
Wan Syahrul was jailed another two years for possession of IS related items, about 11.15pm on June 29, 2016. Azman ordered both the sentences to run concurrently, from the date of arrest, June 29, 2016.
In delivering his decision, Azman said if the accused's family was at the place of the incident, he would not agree to the act.
"If your family or friends were in the place of incident, I believe, you would not agree," he said.
"This is an act involving lives of others. They (victims) have family members, parents too," said Azman.
He advised Wan Syahrul to use the technology (application) for his benefit such as learning Al-Quran or religious books, as it would give more "pahala" (benefits).
He also said the accused should have helped his aged parents and, if he had no activities. He said public interest override the accused's interest, in this case.
According to the facts of the case, Wan Syahrul, who works at "Otai" stall was a member of a "telegram" called "Black Crow" and was later added to another telegram group "Amanah (PHB) VS Pas", in which he had posted"Allahuakbar and even posted "congratulations" over the success of the "Movida" attack.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohd Izhanudin Alias said that the accused had pledged loyalty to the IS group. "The court should give a sentence, which can serve as a lesson and warning to other accused, who support IS," said Mohd Izhanudin.
Wan Syahrul's lawyer Zaidan Daud said the accused had shown remorse while he was in detention and that he is still young and supports his parents.


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