Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day

21 Mar 2017 / 11:24 H.

A crowd of more than 6,000 spent the day enjoying healthy activities and a hearty breakfast during the Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day at USM in Penang last Sunday.
The event kicked off with participants taking part in a 3km fun run before tucking into breakfast choices of noodles, barbecued chicken, sandwiches and fruits, washed down with a delicious cup of Milo.
Many participants were keen on keeping their heart rates up, moving their bodies in Zumba exercise. They were also determined to keep their mind alert, some collaborating together in a treasure hunt for Milo goodies.
Among those enjoying the activity-based fun-filled event was four-year-old Noor Rainia Ellysa who managed to score a goal during the penalty shoot-out station game.
“This is fun,” she told her mother Noor Rashimah Shima Sharuddin, 31, and father Muhammad Fadhil Abdullah, 34. The family were said to have travelled all the way from Taiping, Perak, to join Milo’s breakfast day.
Noor Rashimah informed theSun’s Aaron Ngui that she always ensures her four children has breakfast before starting the day. “We usually give them cereal with milk,” she said.
At the sandwich-making station, Mayl Yeap, 42, and Andrew Loh, 43, learned how to make scrumptious cheese and tuna sandwiches. Yeap said she had lots of fun taking part in the run and making cheese sandwiches to eat after.
“This is a good way to spend a Sunday,” she added. Nestle Products Sdn Bhd Milo Business Unit business executive manager Philomena Tan meanwhile shared that the Milo Breakfast Day was established five years ago. Its aim was to create awareness on the importance of breakfast, especially for children.
She said a survey done back then found that 30% of respondents did not have breakfast, whereas a more recent survey done two years ago showed a drop in the figure, to 25%. Tan said that children need energy to start their day.
“A study reported that 80% of their energy has been spent on growth and body repairs while they slept the night before.
“Would you leave your house with your phone charged at 20%? Similarly children should be fully charged before they start their day,” she told theSun’s Ngui, adding that Milo contained calcium and Activ-Go – a unique combination of micronutrients – to help children perform their best.
Tan also urged parents to set a good example for their children by having breakfast themselves.
She said children will follow examples set by their parents and urged for all to have a healthy breakfast and start the day with Milo.
Milo by Nestle will be organising the next Milo Breakfast Day in Kota Kinabalu, followed by Kuching, Johor Baru, Kuantan, Kota Baru and Putrajaya. For more information, visit the Milo website.

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