Tales by women and men at Ikal Mayang 2015 (Video)

06 Mar 2015 / 09:52 H.

    SINCE its debut two years ago, Ikal Mayang has served as a platform for Malaysian women to submit their stories which will be turned into short films. In the spirit of inclusion, this year's Ikal Mayang festival themed 'Similarities' includes short films by five male directors including Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.
    Recently the media were given a chance to watch the 18 movies which will be showcased at the upcoming Ikal Mayang Konfest at Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur from March 6 to 8. The following is theSun's pick of six short films from the festival that stands out for its storytelling and compelling performances by talents who brought the stories to life on screen.

    1. Suara by Adibah Noor

    A woman is heartbroken after an unsuccessful interview. She fails to get a job due to her physical appearance. She pours her heart out to her taxi driver. Adibah, the singer with a golden voice was not afraid to reveal that the story was loosely based on her own experience. In fact she plays the lead in the two-minute production.
    2. Teguh by Khairy Jamaludin

    A professional squash player is trying her best to recover from a serious injury sustained in a car accident. She receives support from a paralympic athlete in her recovery process. This is definitely going to be one of the crowd favourites, considering that it was directed by a Cabinet minister! The film had a strong moral and motivational tone to it, while the camera work on the squash and swimming scenes were artfully done.
    3. Aurat by Elza Irdalynna

    A female student gets picked on for not wearing a headscarf and she is often told that she will be going to hell for not conforming. Then, a new student – a boy with a turban joins her class and the bullies pick on him for being different and she decides to stand up for him. I loved the way the director shows how two individuals get bullied for the same thing – hair. One gets bullied for not covering her hair and the other gets bullied for covering his hair. I also like the fact that it is the girl who comes to the boy's rescue, and not the other way around.
    4. Ben & Luna by Vince Chong

    Marriage is not easy. A pair of newlyweds suppress their emotions when voicing out each others weaknesses because they do not want to offend each other. The plot has a dark tone to it, but Vince Chong a well known singer has successfully tackled the plot, adding a Woody Allen touch to his story with a dash of humour to what would otherwise be a serious situation. I can see Ben & Luna being turned into a comedy TV series.
    5. 3 Girls & A Babe by Kang Zetty Anis

    Three female housemates try to pacify a baby who has been crying non-stop. They use every trick in the book including Feng Shui to calm the baby down. Things change when their male neighbour comes into the picture and manages to put the baby to sleep. The message put forth by the director is that traditional gender roles don't always apply.
    6. Rambut by Lee Yve Vonn

    This short film focuses on the relationship between a Chinese hairdresser, her young daughter and a Malay customer. The young daughter is curious as to why the Malay customer always collects and brings back her hair which has been cut off. But the mother will always warn her daughter not to ask the customer about it, fearing that she might lose a faithful customer because of her daughter's avid curiosity.
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