Ah Longs issue compound-like leaflets with MBPJ logo (Updated)

02 Jan 2018 / 16:51 H.

PETALING JAYA: A leaflet advertising money lending has been distributed in Section 52 here, looking almost alike to the compounds issued by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).
When contacted by theSun, a spokesperson from MBPJ said a police report was lodged on Dec 29 after it was alerted of such leaflets being circulated.
"We take the issue of MBPJ's logo being used seriously as we have found that there are some irresponsible parties using our logo for their selfish gains. Other than the logo, the leaflet that is being distributed looks almost like the compound receipts that the Enforcement Unit issues while on duty," the spokesperson told theSun.
So far the council was alerted of the leaflets being distributed only in Section 52.
The matter was taken seriously by both the police and the council as the leaflet could confuse people, the spokesperson added.
Later a statement issued by the Council confirmed that stern action would be taken against those who were behind the circulation of the leaflets. It asked the public not to be confused with the abuse of the logo and leaflet.
"We would like the public to be cautious against the abuse of logo in a leaflet that appears almost like the Council's logo which is being misused. We have been alerted of such leaflets being circulated around Section 52, Petaling Jaya. Not just the logo, but even the design of the leaftet looks like the compound issued by MBPJ," it said.
The council also confirmed that the fake compound which is allegedly issued by "Malaysia Pinjaman Berlesen Agency" (Malaysia Licensed Lender Agency) does not have legitimate licence for any businesses nor promotions.
The fake compound which is allegedly issued by "Malaysia Pinjaman Berlesen Agency" (Malaysia Licensed Lender Agency) and looks almost identical to the compounds issued by the City Council, is left on vehicles that are parked around the area.
Instead of details of the offence committed, there are details of interest rates for loan amounts, repayment schemes and a contact number.
"We adhere to the laws strictly while carrying out business ensuring that each account given a loan with us can be signed professionally," the advertisement on the leaflet read.
It even advises the public to keep the leaflet for "emergency purposes".


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