Brazil prosecutor investigates illegality in bombshell plea deal

05 Sep 2017 / 11:26 H.

BRASÍLIA: Brazil's top prosecutor on Monday said he could revoke a leniency deal with executives from the JBS meatpacking giant after emergence of an audio recording suggesting they were involved in further illegal acts.
Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot said the tape contained compromising material involving the executives, a former prosecutor and high ranking officials.
Janot said the conversation – which the executives apparently did not know was being recorded – contained "improper references to the prosecutor general's office and the Supreme Court."
The scope of the scandal remained unclear because the names of the people mentioned at the top court and prosecutor's office remained sealed.
However the episode further muddied the waters around attempts by Janot to bring President Michel Temer to court for alleged corruption. A first charge of bribe taking was rejected by Congress in Aug and Janot is expected to file a second charge of obstruction of office soon.
Testimony from the meatpacking executives, who say they ran a huge bribery network, is at the heart of the case against Temer. However, Janot said that while the executives might be in new legal trouble, their evidence against Temer still stands.
Janot said the contents of the new recordings could not be made public until the Supreme Court had been consulted because "they contain conversations that directly implicate some people, including the authorities." — AFP

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