Business owners, restaurant operators ready for 0% GST

01 Jun 2018 / 12:39 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: From last week, traders and shop operators had begun making preparations following the government's announcement to reduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to zero per cent beginning today.
Bernama checks around the capital found that apart from converting the price tag of goods and food on the shelves, the cash register machines have also been re-adjusted by most traders and shop operators.
Hardware shop owner Frankie Thong, 51, said he had begun replacing the price tags on his goods with the new ones since last week.
"Since there are too many small items in my store, I have to instruct workers to remove all the price tags and to replace them with new ones on June 1.
"We did it early to avoid panic and prevent confusion among the customers," he told Bernama.
Boutique owner Sharon Ho, 37, said her company had already started giving a six per cent discount for the customers since last week in preparation for zero per cent GST.
"We use these measures to attract more customers and to remind them that zero GST rates will begin soon," she said.
Restaurant manager Daem Mohamad, 42, said his company was ready to return the cash register machine (with GST) supplied by the Customs Department since the implementation of GST three years ago.
However, there were traders who expressed dissatisfaction with the government for announcing the reduction rate only through the media, without issuing a directive from the relevant authorities to the traders and business owners.
Restaurant owner Rubiah Suparman, 71, said the authorities should issue a notice to traders and restaurant operators on the reduction of the GST rate even though the announcement being made through the media.
"We do not know what the next step is, such as price adjustment or change the cash register machine because there is no notice from the ministry and relevant authorities.
"We have to make our own adjustment according to our understanding by asking opinions and views of other business owners on prices and cash register machines because there was no order to do so and zero-rate GST will start tomorrow," she said. — Bernama

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