Did Uber driver pick up ghost from cemetery?

06 Jun 2017 / 11:12 H.

AN Uber driver has recently shared his eerie tale of picking up a passenger from a Chinese cemetery in Mount Erskine in Penang. It was close to midnight when he headed for the pick-up point.
Following the direction on his ride-sharing app, the driver arrived outside a large Chinese cemetery. He checked his app and confirmed his arrival.
"As I followed the map to the pick-up point, I found myself near the Chinese cemetery," China Press quoted him as saying.
He waited for the passenger in the darkness, thinking that he or she could have been there to tend to one of the graves. No one showed up, but he sensed something was in his car.
"After about five minutes, there was a sweet scent in my car," he said. "Since I was already there, I wanted to get the fare. So I tapped 'Start Trip' on the app and began driving."
Strangely, there was a drop-off point indicated on his app, he claimed. It was a mere 100m away.
Spooked by the incident, the driver headed to a restroom at a petrol kiosk to wash his face.
"I suspected something had followed me from the cemetery," he said. "I decided not to waste time feeling scared and uncertain and spoke up.
"I said that I need to go back home now. 'You' better get out, remember don't follow me back," he boldly voiced out what was on his mind.
The scent was gone after about five minutes, the newspaper reported.
Readers, who saw a funny side to the eerie encounter, joked that the spirit world could have gone hi-tech to start using mobile ride-sharing apps. There were many who were sceptical, but those who believe in the existence of the other dimension said it was a ghostly encounter.


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