Hans Isaac still feeling the love (Updated)

05 Jul 2017 / 18:05 H.

THEIR wedding was supposed to take place on July 29, but actor and producer Hans Isaac, 45, and Aileen Gabriella Robinson, 28, recently postponed their nuptials to the end of the year.
The reason is because Gabriella's father has a work commitment in July, and several of their closest friends and relatives are also going to be on holiday.
It is easy to jump to conclusion that perhaps the couple are having second thoughts about marriage. But the two have dismissed such rumours.
They say there are no 'troubles in paradise', and that they are still very much in love and looking forward to the day when they will finally be united as husband and wife.
In an exclusive interview with theSun conducted just before the announced postponement, Gabriella was all smiles, describing her relationship with Hans as "full of laughter".
"We have been friends for the last seven years," Gabriella said, who is a former beauty queen, model and emcee.
"Our family are friends, too. He has come over for dinner at my family's place, and I have gone over for dinner with his family."
Slowly, the nature of their friendship changed, from best friends to sweethearts, and naturally, the next step is to become husband and wife.
Hans brought her to Singapore during the Chinese New Year holidays and proposed to her on Jan 29, in front of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd where his own parents got married.
When asked what first attracted her about Hans, she said: "He is a very responsible person. He always puts his family first. It is a nice quality to have, at a time where people are just more absorbed in themselves."
When asked if there are any changes she would like to see in Hans, she said: "I am a soft person, and I would like him to be more gentle."
She explained that as the boss of his own production company, Tall Orders, Hans needs to take charge, be straightforward and a little aggressive.
But she added that he has a caring side. "I wish for him to show more of his caring side. But ... I would embrace his strengths and his weaknesses, and I believe he would do the same with me."
About their wedding preparations, Gabriella said she and Hans want to be surrounded by their loved ones on their wedding day.
She added that they will be having a traditional church wedding, and Hans will be wearing the barong (traditional Filipino attire) as a tribute to his late Philippines-born mother.
"I have not picked my gown yet," Gabriella said. "I [don't want] a puffy white gown. I want something that is simple and elegant."
As for their honeymoon, she is looking forward to going to Europe – most probably, Greece.
Greece is such a beautiful country, Gabriella said, but added that nothing is certain yet. "There are a lot of other places in Europe that we can visit."
She understands getting married to a celebrity like Hans is not going to be easy. People might compare her to his previous celebrity girlfriends.
"[Dwelling] in negativity is not going to get you anywhere," she said. "He has his past, and I have mine. What is important is that we both stay honest with each other. There should be transparency between us."
After marriage, Gabriella plans to continue working as an emcee.
"Honestly speaking, Hans prefers me to work," she said. "He admires someone who has drive in life."
Will she join Hans in his company after their wedding?
"I believe a husband and wife can work together," she said, but believes that the couple cannot bring what happens at home to the office.
"It takes strong willpower to do this," she added. "But I always tell Hans that I need to make it on my own. I want to be hired for what I can do, not because I am his wife."


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