Health Ministry tells public to stop abusing its staff (Video)

01 Apr 2018 / 16:36 H.

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has reminded the public to stop being forceful when dealing with its staff, following a viral video of a man berating a nurse while seeking treatment at Langkawi Hospital.
Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah yesterday said the recent video had just indicated the rough condition hospital staff had to face in discharging their duties.
He said the recent incident was believed to had happened after the man, accompanied by his pregnant wife, was dissatisfied after an obstetrician had failed to attend to them despite a long wait.
Noor Hisham, however, said the specialist was unavailable at that particular time as there was an emergency case that needed to be attended to.
"The doctor was sweating in the surgery hall to save the life of a patient suffering from bleeding," he said in a statement.
Noor Hisham expressed his disappointment over the man's decision to post the altercation between him and the nurse on social media.
He said this was done purposely with the intention to humiliate the hospital's staff and to question the reputation of the hospital.
He added that such confrontation would only give mental and psychological pressure, as well as trauma to the staff from doing their job.
"Praise should be given to the nurse who was very professional in entertaining the party despite being threatened with excessive words," he said.
In the seven-minute video, the man was heard shouting repeatedly to the nurse after being unable to meet the doctor immediately.
Despite the harsh treatment, the nurse did not seem to lose her cool and explained to the man that the doctor was unavailable due to an emergency case.
At one point, the man was heard blaming a certain political party as the reason for the lack of available doctors in the hospital.
The man had also told the nurse that he would make a police report over the condition in Langkawi Hospital and stated that "action will be taken".
The video, which was available on the account of Facebook user 'Muhammad Izat Marican', had received more that 250,000 views and more than 2,000 shares.

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