Hidden gem of Jelebu

13 Mar 2018 / 11:27 H.

IGNITE that adventurous spark in your soul when you make Taman Negeri Kenaboi (formerly known as Taman Alam Liar) the next holiday destination to visit.
At a recent programme by Tourism Malaysia (Central) and the Negri Sembilan Forestry Department, participants comprising media personnel and travel agents got to experience the unspoilt greenery of Jelebu.
The two-day-one-night camping trip, themed Wild Jolobu (as spoken in the local dialect), delivered an adrenaline-pumped taste of Mother Nature at her best, and what the state has to offer in terms of eco-tourism.
If you're tired of the constant hustle and bustle of city life, perhaps it's time to disconnect, literally, as you won't be within mobile coverage when you reach Kampung Esok, the last transfer point before heading to the state park by bus.
"People sometimes like it when there is no [mobile] reception because it feels like they have privacy," said the state park assistant director Juliana Yahya.
"That means, when they come here, outsiders cannot disturb them. Some people feel comfortable when there's no reception."
The question of safety might pop up, but you can breathe a little easier, as the state park is well-engaged with the Fire and Rescue Department.
All visitors are required to submit their itinerary while in the park prior to their trip.
If they don't exit the park according to schedule, the department will take action, under the assumption that something has happened to them.
To hike the Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil mountains, you will need to include your name, IC number, and next-of-kin contact details at the police station.
Whether you arrange for transportation from Kampung Esok, or plan to take your own four-wheel-drive to Taman Negeri Kenaboi, make sure you apply for the entry permit from the state Forestry Department before the journey.
And even if you're used to hiking, camping, and roughing it out in the wild, experiencing the bumpy ride as you're crossing the river into the state park truly sets an exciting tone to the trip.
For a taste of something slightly challenging, you can hike through streams to Jeram Berungut, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of river canyons and cool, clear waters.
The 45-minute slippery effort of finding your footing on the rocky river floor will be paid off as you sit by the inviting waters, or jump right in and let your eyes slowly take in the quiet beauty around you.
Schedule a time slot to go tubing in the Kenaboi river on the last day of your trip, and feel your mind, body, and soul flow freely down the waters, during the exhilarating activity.
You might have also heard of the 93-metre-high Lata Kijang waterfall in the state park, but on your way there, make sure to ask your guide about the rhinoceros hornbill nesting place.
According to Juliana, the nearly extinct species usually found in East Malaysia prefers to nest on higher treetops.
"Species like this usually prefer areas with more privacy, so we rarely get to see them, but we do get to hear them a lot," she added.
Since Jelebu is only two hours away from Kuala Lumpur, Taman Negeri Kenaboi makes the perfect location for a weekend getaway from everyday life and lets you de-stress with a fresh change of scenery.
For more, contact the Negri Sembilan Forestry Department.


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