Impressive 'Encore'

25 Jun 2018 / 10:28 H.

Malacca has a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. Apart from the state where Malaysia’s history began, it was also once one of the greatest trading ports in Southeast Asia. While there are many other significant events that have put Malacca into the spotlight, more recently, there is another reason that draws attention to the state - the absolutely stylish, world-class theatre called Encore Melaka.
Thanks to Yong Tai Berhad, the public-listed company behind Impression City where Encore Melaka is located in; the new theatre opened its doors and drew its curtains to its first series of three private shows recently, raising nearly RM60,000 for charity. Monies went towards the Toh Puan Zurina Foundation.
“The Toh Puan Zurina Foundation resonates with my belief in giving back — its aim is to cater to (low income) patients who are unable to afford (dialysis) treatments that can be costly on a long-term basis.
“This is our effort to help the centre with its mission, as the funds raised through the shows will enable the centre to get the best medication for all its patients,” said Yong Tai Berhad CEO Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon.
Students from Melaka government schools who donated RM10 each towards the foundation were the first lucky viewers who made up the audience at the grand Encore Melaka performance.
The 70-minute show featured a re-telling of famous Melakan tales in song and dance.
It was directed by the critically-acclaimed Wang Chaoge, the creative talent behind the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Children from 44 schools were invited to watch the spectacular soft launch premiere.
Said Toh Puan Zurina Foundation CEO Datuk Radhuana Salleh, “Encore Melaka and the Toh Puan Zurina Foundation share the same values — we want to help our communities however we can. We are touched and so grateful that Encore Melaka stands for the state and its people, and that it has given us the support we need.
“The funds collected will help us gain access to the best medications for our patients and help our facilities run to its fullest capacity.”
Encompassing a seating capacity that can accommodate over 2,000 upon an exquisite 360-degree rotating platform, Encore Melaka is further equipped with modern day innovations like video projection mapping, multi-stage hydraulic sets, advanced lighting and acoustic technology.
Encore Melaka will be open to the public from July 1. It is located in a prominent part of Melaka, along the city’s waterfront called Impression City, a new touristy-cum-cultural integrated development project of Yong Tai Berhad.
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