Inspired by minimalism

06 Sep 2017 / 10:59 H.

EUGENE WONG believes everyone has their own capability to create value in the world.Currently working in the banking industry, he always had the urge to do something different besides working for someone else for the rest of his life. He felt he wasted too much time some years ago and it was that moment he re-looked into his life direction and came up with an idea.
"What we have are mostly apparel and handmade jewellery, but timepieces are few and far between. I wanted to do something different, and I always had an affection towards the concept of time.
"I find it fascinating that time is the only commodity that you can't buy and the only commodity that matters, yet is the most under appreciated," he said.
A year ago, he created Lacqna (pronounced lah-Q-nah) and it wasn't an easy journey as he started it all by himself. Aiming to inspire self expression for being uniquely different and at the same time, being a singularity in mass consumerism, he successfully launched the timepieces last July on Kickstarter.
His watches are designed with a simple round shape which he incorporated ox leather straps and instead of the normal flat glass, he used a dome glass which results in a more luxurious look. The watch features 316L stainless steel and Seiko VX50 movement.
The timepiece which he designed under Lacqna is Lumos. As the name, Lumos essentially means luminosity and luminescence. It has a Latin root as well, meaning light. He created Lumos with medical grade 316L stainless steel which is effective in protecting against corrosion and pitting.
"For me, minimalism is not just a design methodology. It goes beyond design and it should be incorporated into daily life.
"More often than not, we spend too much time on things or trying to impress the wrong people where in fact, we have forgotten what is most important to us.
"That is what minimalism means to me," he said, adding that Lumos was inspired by minimalism.
As he is still retaining his day job while juggling this in between, Wong has been working on video shooting, video editing, social media marketing and website designing which are all completely new to him, resulting in lesser sleep for him.
Despite it all, he is enjoying the journey and wants his timepiece to enrich people's lives while being friendly to the wallet without compromising on quality. He also wants to maintain a well-designed timepiece that reflects the individual.

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