Kit Siang: How many Umno leaders are secret billionaires?

26 Sep 2018 / 15:34 H.

PETALING JAYA: How many Umno leaders have billion-ringgit wealth secretly stashed away, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang asked today.
He said they would qualify to be among the richest Malaysians if their secret hoarding of massive wealth had been known.
"How many of the Umno leaders are secret billionaires in Malaysia?" Lim asked in his meeting with Malaysians in Christchurch, New Zealand
"Malaysia's TI CPI ranking and score would have taken a further nosedive if such corruption and malpractices had been known, which is why there is a need for an all-out war against corruption in a New Malaysia".
Our immediate challenge is to get into the top one-fifth bracket of 35 countries in Transparency International's (TI) annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Lim said.
Malaysia is currently placed in the lowly 62nd ranking of TI CPI 2017 with a score of 47 out of 100.
The best CPI score Malaysia achieved was in 1996 when we recorded 5.32 out of 10, and the best CPI ranking was in 1995 when we were ranked No. 23 out of 41 countries, Lim said.
"Why had Malaysia's record of public integrity and honest government collapsed during Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's nine-year premiership when other countries like Indonesia and China had improved by leaps and bounds?"
"Today, Malaysia's record of public integrity has been marred not only by the international 1MDB corruption and money-laundering scandal, and other mini-1MDB like corruption scandals in government and public institutions like Felda, Tabung Haji and Mara.
The Iskandar Puteri MP said not many nations are given a second chance to make amends and reset nation-building policies to achieve our vision of greatness during the founding of the nation.
Lim said we must not waste our "second chance" to make Malaysia a great nation, to be "a beacon of light in a disturbed and distracted world".

Malaysians made history in the 14th General Election on May 9 and many were moved to tears as the overwhelming majority of Malaysians, whether inside the country or spread worldwide in the Malaysian Diaspora, had not expected to see such change within their lifetime, he added.
"it is not just the Pakatan Harapan federal government, but the 30 million Malaysians, who must declare an all-out war against corruption, abuses of power and all forms of malpractices," Lim said.

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