Managing diabetes

03 Oct 2018 / 10:33 H.

MAINTAINING our well-being once diagnosed with a chronic disease like diabetes can be stressful but it is not the end of the world.
One method of keeping the life-long battle with the disease in check is through a diabetes management plan.
This involves taking steps to eat healthy as well as stay healthy by doing physical activities such as gardening, dancing and walking to help lose weight and build stamina.
Considering the fact that of the 17.5% of the adult population in Malaysia who are affected by diabetes, a major contributor to the condition is overweight and obesity.
That is why diet control is important in the better management of the disease.
To maintain a healthy weight, there is a need to control carbohydrate intake, limit sugar consumption, and reduce fat intake while increasing fibre intake.
Healthy food choices will provide the right amount of nutrients and calories our body needs, while keeping to the portion or serving sizes as suggested by your dietitian or healthcare professionals will prevent overeating and weight gain.
Those with diabetes may also have to consider the need for a specialised nutrition diet that features carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index (GI) to minimise sudden peaks in blood sugar level.
That is why including food measuring a low GI like whole grains and non-starchy vegetables is important for a steadier release of energy throughout the day.
Diabetics looking to supplement their low-carb diet and for better weight management should check out meal-replacement products (MRPs). These can also be added as a calorie replacement.
But these should not be just any MRP, but one that is specially formulated for diabetes, called glycaema targeted specialised nutrition or GTSN.
GTSN is a structured calorie-controlled meal plan that eliminates the need to count calories or choose what to eat for meals or snacks.
It assists in blood sugar control, helping to stabilise blood glucose after meals as well as provides adequate nutrient intake of more than 50% of the recommended nutrient intake for vitamins and minerals.
This is where Glucerna Triple Care comes in.
Backed by 28 years of clinical research by Abbott Laboratories, this complete and balanced oral nutrition is scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of diabetics.
Glucerna Triple Care powder is a milkshake-style drink with a low GI, and an enhanced slow-release carbohydrate system that helps manage glucose response.
Its improved lipid blend, that includes the healthier monounsaturated fatty acids (Mufa) and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, helps support vascular health and circulation in diabetics.
Glucerna Triple Care is also trans fat-free, cholesterol-free, lactose-free and gluten-free as well as low in saturated fat.
It has been clinically proven to be effective when taken in tandem with specifically-tailored diets monitored by healthcare professionals, in an approach called medical nutritional therapy.
According to a clinical study done in Malaysia, patients recorded a significant reduction in weight and better sugar control through medical nutrition therapy.

Abbott Malaysia medical director Dr Nina Mohd Said said: “At Abbott, we acknowledge the concerns in the rise of type 2 diabetes prevalence and constantly try our very best to come up with ways for patients to manage their condition better, which will allow them to increase their quality of life.
“Our support for this [clinical] study is a big part of our initiative to help manage and control the rise of type 2 diabetes in Malaysia, whether it is through providing scientifically-formulated diabetes-specific formula as meal replacements or other resources.
“We believe by taking these steps, we can help diabetes patients not only achieve weight loss, but also avoid any unwanted long-term complications that could decrease their health and wellbeing.”
Available in two flavours – chocolate (400g tin) and vanilla (400g and 850g tin) – those living with diabetes can conveniently treat Glucerna Triple Care as a quick snack in-between meals or as a simple breakfast drink.
Glucerna Triple Care is available in retail and hospital pharmacies as well as selected hypermarkets.
For more, visit the Abbott Malaysia website.

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