Men turning to Candy B to boost libido

10 Jul 2017 / 22:07 H.

MEN turning to libido-boosting pills beware as these so-called male enhancement drugs or supplements could contain banned substances.
According to a Nanyang Siang Pau report today, the Candy B+Complex (Candy B) male enhancement supplement that is all the rage now on social media has been included in the Health Ministry's list of prohibited drugs because it contains Tadalafil, a sexual stimulant.
The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, which is under the ministry, clearly states on its official portal that Candy B contains Tadalafil, a prohibited substance, the report said.
The daily said it did a little investigation on receiving information that many men have experienced side-effects after consuming Candy B, and found that the "men's health supplement" has not been registered with the ministry and is in fact banned in Malaysia.
What is more disturbing is the emergence of fake Candy B.
To assure clients, the "local agent" has posted articles and pictures on his online store on how to spot the counterfeit products.
Tadalafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction but it has side-effects such as headache, muscle ache, dizziness, problems with vision, indigestion, blocked nose and others.
According to a sample of Candy B obtained by the daily from an online store, Tadalafil is not on the product's list of ingredients.
Contacted by the daily, a spokesman said the ministry had prohibited Candy B after tests conducted on samples submitted by consumers showed that they contained Tadalafil.
The spokesman called for an immediate halt on the sale of Candy B, counterfeit or otherwise, and urged those who have been consuming the supplement to seek medical advice.
Under provisions of the Poisons Act 1952, a person found selling or in possession of prohibited products can be fined up to RM25,000 or jailed up to three years or both for the first offence.
For the subsequent offence, the offender can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed up to five years or both.

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