Million-dollar smile

28 May 2018 / 10:13 H.

LET'S not forget that a clean set of teeth contributes considerably to the overall beauty charm. So now I ask, when was your last visit to the dental clinic for a seasonal scaling session to keep those pearly whites looking healthy and captivating?
A dental cleaning session is recommended once every six months, but what really sets many of us back for prolonging our scheduled visit is perhaps the discomfort and pain that often happen during the process. At Blanc Dental Clinic, the treatment experience is guaranteed to be a pleasant and enjoyable one.
That being said, the days of conventional cleaning techniques are long gone, as we bid adieu to the unbearable screeching scalers and messy air abrasion polishing while removing nasty plaque and stains, and welcome the new unprecedented Airflow® Spa.
Airflow® Spa isn’t just another run-of-the-mill dental cleaning method, it is a new state-of-the-art approach to dental preventive treatment. By using a harmless dye solution on the teeth prior to cleaning, biofilm (plaque and calculi) is exposed to human-eyes, making it visibly easier to clean.
In one single procedure, the minimally invasive Airflow® removes the biofilm and young calculus; cleaning and polishing the teeth thoroughly including interdental spaces between mal-aligned teeth and even gaps between orthodontics brackets.
It utilises an air polishing technique using one of the finest powders with smallest particle size available on the market to eliminates the stubborn biofilm.
Quickly and efficiently, the whole process was over in no more than 20-minutes, as the powder jets projected by the scaler handpiece were gentle to the teeth and soft tissues on the gums, making it ideal for even the most sensitive teeth. The clinically sound and patient-oriented treatment is safely adapted to all age groups.
It is believable that the revolutionary Airflow® Spa is a game changer in providing the best and most effective and comprehensive treatment to optimise everyone’s dental health and hygiene. Without a second thought, I know for a fact that I would be choosing no other dental cleaning method other than the Airflow® Spa.

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