Movie Review: 24 Hours to Live

14 Nov 2017 / 17:06 H.

    THIS is not one of Hawke's better films but you are willing to suspend belief and enjoy it in the same ­manner as you would any action film, you will be okay.
    Directed by former stunt ­coordinator Smrz (Minority Report, Live Free or Die Hard), you can ­expect some great action scenes, which I would say are the best ­aspects of this movie.
    Hawke plays former soldier Travis Conrad, who works for a private military contractor called Red ­Mountain. Early in the movie we learn that he has been on a year-long break after the death of his wife and young son.
    Still mourning their deaths, Travis gets called back to action by old colleague Jim Morrow (Paul ­Anderson) who need his skills to find a witness who is going to ­testify against Red Mountain about all the atrocities the company inflicted to innocent civilians during a conflict in South Africa.
    Travis has to travel to South ­Africa to find the witness, who is under the protection of Interpol agent Lin Bisset (Xu). Since she is a woman, Travis naturally decides to seduce her for ­information.
    Lin turns out to be a super cop, and wises up to Travis quickly, managing to shoot him dead.
    However, it turns out Red ­Mountain's boss Wetzler (­Cunningham) has been funding experiments that bring the dead back to life momentarily. They bring Travis back, and he tells Jim where the informant is.
    Wetzler then orders Travis' death (again), but Travis escapes, even though he will only stay alive for another 24 hours.
    In fact, he has a timer embedded in his arm to remind him how long he has to live.
    Anyway, realizing that he needs redemption, Travis tracks down Lin to help save the ­informant. ­However his old friends from Red Mountain are not about to give up.
    With high speed chases, ­explosions and one head-scratching scene where the local militia bring knives to a gun-fight, this movie will appeal to those who like non-stop action.
    Like I said, if you suspend belief you will be fine.

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