Movie review: Alpha

06 Sep 2018 / 10:54 H.

THIS movie attempts to re-imagine how man and the domesticated wolf became best friends.
The movie explores the bond between father and son in its first half, and the second half is all about man and wolf.
The story is set 20,000 years ago somewhere in Europe, where giant woolly mammoths, rhinoceroses and bison rule the plains.
In this harsh desolate landscape, we are first introduced to young Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who is on his very first big hunt with his tribe’s hunting party led his father and chief (Johannes Haukur Johannesson).
Keda is charged by a bison which sends him over the side of a cliff. His father tries to save him but is soon forced to accept that Keda is dead.
However, Keda has been lying unconscious on a ledge at the side of the cliff. He finally wakes up and somehow manages to make it to the campsite, only to discover that everyone has left.
Struggling to survive and hampered by an injured leg, Keda is attacked by a pack of wolves, but he manages to hurt the leader of the pack and escape.
The next day he finds the injured wolf, and being a soft-hearted fellow, he decides to care for the animal.
This is where man and beast slowly become used to each other and develop a bond. This is where you see how Keda comes up with some inventive 'tools': a muzzle-cum-leash to make sure his new doggie-friend doesn’t bite him, and a doggie bowl.
He also teaches the wolf commands, such as fetch, and even to help him hunt for food, and so on.
Some scenes will make you chuckle and some might melt your heart.
Though the humans speak in a language that requires subtitles, the actors do manage to convey their emotions very well.
Go in with no expectations, and enjoy this movie for what it is.

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