Movie review: Baby Driver (Video)

24 Jul 2017 / 09:38 H.

SOME aspects of this story require you to suspend belief, but other than that, this movie delivers both on the action, and on an emotional level.
When we are first introduced to Baby (Elgort), he is driving a getaway car for three bank robbers.
He has earphones plugged in, wears cool sunglasses, and seems really into the music he is listening, all the while, displaying some incredible driving skills.
We soon learn the reason why Baby is constantly plugged into loud music. He suffers from tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ear, which he developed Baby Driver after surviving a car accident that claimed the lives of both his parents.
Baby works for criminal mastermind Doc (Spacey) to pay off a debt.
But he nurses hopes of making a clean break from Doc, and being able to court the pretty Deborah (James), a waitress he has fallen for.
However, what is meant to be his last job ends badly, which causes Baby to be recalled back for another job by Doc.
The newest heist pairs Baby with old accomplices Buddy (Jon Hamm) and Buddy’s wife Darling (Eiza Gonzalez), whom baby shares a good rapport with, and the unstable Bats (Jamie Foxx).
However, things get messy even before the job begins, and Baby is forced to do desperate things in order to survive and save those he loves.
The movie has great car chases, characterisation, and an eclectic soundtrack that indicates the mood that Baby is in.
In all, it is a good heist movie that does not glamorise crime or criminals. Instead, its foundation is based on the relationships that Baby builds with the people he cares for.
Great acting all around, and a special applause for director Wright for combining action, music and drama into one great movie.
Watch the trailer:

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