Movie review: Game Night

01 Mar 2018 / 17:09 H.

THIS hilarious comedy mostly takes place in one night. A fun night playing games turns into a kidnapping and a series of bumbling efforts to save the victim.
The movie's strongest point are the actors who rise above the average script and make you laugh at their antics throughout.
It starts off with two games enthusiasts Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) who meet and marry and have been hosting countless game nights for friends. Both are trying to have children, but turns out that Max has issues that he needs to resolve first.
The couple also hold another game night soon after and do all their can to make sure their strange neighbour Gary (Jesse Plemons) doesn't find out.
The regulars on game nights are Ryan (Billy Magnussen) arrives with his latest bimbo date, and childhood sweethearts Kevin (the hilarious Lamorne Morris) and Michelle (Kylie Bunbury).
Max's highly successful brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) arrives, embarrasses Max in front of his wife and friends, before inviting them for a game night at his mansion the following week.
On said night the couples arrive, with Ryan bringing a brainy Sarah (Sharon Horgan) and Brooks tells them that he hired a company that specialises in devising complex mysteries for guests to solve, and the winner gets Brooks' luxurious new sports car as the prize.
An "FBI agent" ( Jeffrey Wright) arrives and warns them about a spate of kidnapping in the area before handing each couple a dossier full of clues.
Suddenly, two masked men with guns break in, knock out the agent, and attempt to kidnap Brooks who actually fights back. The rest of them just sit on the couch enjoy cheese and wine, thinking it is part of the game.
It is only when each couple set off to solve the clues they are given that they discover that Brooks really got kidnapped and it is up to them to save him.
The best part of the movie involve each couple facing their own problems within the relationship. It is the chemistry between the actors that really carries the film, and thankfully lead actors Bateman and McAdams are hilarious.
All in all, it is a fun popcorn flick.

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