Movie review: Gol and Gincu Vol 2

29 Oct 2018 / 10:18 H.

TWO women, who share the same name Zakiah, hate each other from the moment they meet at their university registration office. Things get worse when they learn they are roommates.
The two are constantly at each other’s throat. One day, they get into a fight while listening to a sermon.
When the fight goes viral on social media, the university punishes them by sending them to help a centre for troubled teenagers.
Hearing some of the stories of the troubled teenagers at the centre, the two Zakiahs decide to put their differences aside and help the girls to find their self worth.
A friendship slowly develops between the two as they work together to get the young girls into a futsal match and organise a fashion show to raise money to help the centre stay afloat.
However, it isn’t long before the two Zakiahs are fighting again.

I cannot deny that the story has a few good laughs. It is one of those stories that will uplift your spirit and make you believe in hope.
Unfortunately, the story seems to lack the strong bites to make it as a cinema release. You can predict how the story will shape out. I really feel the story would have been a better fit for a television series.
Its strongest point has to be the wonderful performance from everyone in the cast. The chemistry between the two leads, Diana Danielle and Ummi Nazeera as the two Zakiahs with the love-hate relationship, is superb and electrifying.

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