Movie Review: A Quiet Place

10 Apr 2018 / 15:19 H.

This movie has spine-tingling moments and outright horror. And at the centre of it all is a family trying its best to survive a terrible situation.
The story begins with Day 89. We see a family of five scavenging for anything they can find in an abandoned small town. They are barefooted and doing everything as quietly as possible, communicating in sign language and gestures.
However, as they cut through the woods back to their home, the youngest son plays with a toy rocket that sets off a loud sound.
Before Father (John Krasinski) can get to him, the child is grabbed by a monster.
More than a year later, we see the same family in their homestead, each deeply affected by the loss of their family member.
Sister (Millicent Simmonds), who is hearing impaired, feels ostracised by Father whom she thinks blames her for her sibling’s death, while Brother (Noah Jupe) is terrified of monsters but Father is determined to teach him survival skills.
Mother (Emily Blunt) is pregnant and preparing for the baby’s birth.
As for the monsters, we learn they are blind but attracted to sounds. So far, the family has managed to escape them.
Father has been trying to contact survivors using Morse code but to no avail. However, as expected, the night Mother goes into labour, the monsters close in, and it is a battle to survive for each family member.
Krasinski is not only a good director who delivers a good story but as an actor, his ability to convey many emotions with his eyes and subtle movements is worth noting.
His real-life wife Blunt is also well cast as a mother who is both strong and vulnerable at the same time.
It is a horror movie, and it is also a family drama. More importantly, it is a good movie.

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