Movie review: Quo Vado?

16 Oct 2018 / 12:55 H.

THIS IS the highest-grossing Italian movie to date, and it revolves around a man's refusal to give up the perks that come with a stable civil service post.
It starts with Checco (Checco Zalone), who is captured by a native tribe in Africa. The tribe chieftain then demands to know why he has come to Africa.
Checco (with his driver as translator) tells his story, beginning with how even as a small child, he has always believed that the best job in the world is that of a civil servant.
However, when the new reformist government starts downsizing the public sector in an effort to reduce red tape, corruption, and graft, Checco refuses to take the money offered as compensation by the government official in charge, Sironi (Ninni Bruschetta).
Sironi decides to post Checco to far-flung places in hopes that he will finally accept the offer, but he keeps persevering and actually starts to enjoy himself.
When he is posted to the North Pole to help some Italian scientists, he falls in love with one of them, Valeria (Eleonora Giovanardi), who is a single mother of three children by three different lovers.
Sironi keeps trying to get Checco to resign, offering more money each time.
But Checco's determination to hang on to his civil service job slowly starts having a toll on his love life.
Zalone is funny and essentially carries the film with his antics, opinions, and how his character does everything he can to remain in his job.
The best scenes are undoubtedly the ones where Sironi tries to wear Checco down, but Checco keeps finding ways to frustrate her.
Quo Vado? is part of the 2018 European Union Film Festival lineup that will be screened at selected GSC cinemas, starting on Thursday.

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