Need to continue creating opportunities for nation's youth: Najib (Updated)

03 Dec 2017 / 21:02 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said that creating opportunities for youth is the key to a secure future for Malaysia.
Opening the Kuala Lumpur International Youth Discourse 2017 here today, he said this included ensuring the right education and skills were available for them.
In this regard, he said, the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) was vital in producing a highly skilled and competitive young workforce.
"This is why all the Malaysia's TVET institutions, currently under seven ministries, are being merged to become TVET Malaysia under the purview of the Human Resource Ministry," he said.
Najib also spoke on the need to take a more holistic approach to issues that might affect young people.
"For instance, for years we have responded to drug addiction with an iron fist, but my cabinet recognises that such an approach on its own may not be the most effective," the prime minister said.
Najib pointed out that in the 'Social Agenda', his government would look into solving the problem of drug addiction through inclusion. He said this included making sure that young people have jobs for a secure life, rather than turning to life-destroying escapism.
"Rather than isolating addicts, we need to integrate them. We need to give them opportunities," he said at the event organised in the run-up to the 2017 Umno General Assembly, to be held from Dec 5 to 9.
The government, he said, had spent close to RM13 billion to assist young people to own affordable homes and to resolve the housing issue, especially in urban areas.
"These are just some of the policies that we have put in place to deal with the challenge of creating a secure future for young Malaysians," he said, adding that the government had also been consulting various quarters in formulating the 2050 National Transformation (TN50) agenda.
Najib took the opportunity to highlight the government's numerous achievements, thanks to the stability provided by the democratically-elected Barisan Nasional (BN) government which is anchored by Umno.
The Prime Minister took a swipe at others who would make all sorts of promises but had no track record to speak of.
"They just oppose, even when they secretly agree with a proposal ... because they're not concerned about the welfare of the people. They're only concerned about their own selfish political ambitions," he said.
Najib further rapped their shadow Budget, saying that their fantasy economics would make Malaysia unsafe, insecure and unstable.
The Prime Minister said the government under his leadership on the other hand, had a proven track record of achievements.
"(It is) a record that sees Malaysian government delegations enthusiastically welcomed by leaders around the world – from the United States and the United Kingdom to China, India and Saudi Arabia, to name just a few," he said.
Najib said it was a record that had seen Malaysia awarded accolades by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and many other global institutions. — Bernama

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