New financial initiative to assist poor end-stage renal failure kidney patients

20 Aug 2017 / 22:06 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) today launched a financial initiative meant to assist poor end-stage renal failure kidney patients who wish to perform peritoneal dialysis treatment as the alternative renal replacement therapy.
NKF chairman Datuk Dr Zaki Morad said peritoneal dialysis (PD) is one of the available treatment options to remove waste products and excess fluid from a patient's body when the kidneys are no longer functioning.
"The peritoneal membrane is the natural lining in a person's abdomen that surrounds most of your organs.
"The peritoneal membrane has a good blood supply and can act as a filter to enable dialysis to take place," he said.
The treatment can either be done by hand, or a machine to fill and drain a patient's abdomen. Both procedures can be done at the convenience of a person's home.
On the financial aid, he said the amount will depend on the patient's financial status as assessed by the NKF Welfare Department.
"The financial subsidy will be provided for one year and each patient will be reviewed at the end of one year for renewal of the subsidy.
"Patients will need to be assessed by a qualified nephrologist to ensure their suitability for the PD treatment," he told reporters after the launching here.
The potential candidate can download a form on NKF's website and which an assessment will be made.
The candidate will know the result between two and three weeks, he added.
Currently, 41 patients have registered under its programme initiated last year.
A funding of RM1.1 million has been allocated for them, he said.

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