No pets, please!

05 Jun 2018 / 12:09 H.

    THE act of a shopper in ferrying around a pet dog in a trolley of a supermarket has drawn the ire of netizens.
    In the incident that in a supermarket in Bentong on June 3, a pet dog in a trolley was placed together with other items as the owner stopped to look around for things.
    Interestingly religious sensitivity was not at the core of the fury, as the majority of people who were critical of the act were non-Muslims.
    Instead, people were more concerned with hygiene as they were sceptical as to the cleanliness of an animal to be in a grocery outlet.
    "I am a non-Muslim and also own a dog but even I know the dos and don'ts when it comes to situations involving pets – and trust me, bringing my dog to a supermarket or restaurant is a big DON'T," said Mary.
    Another netizen who goes by the name Nelly said the dog could get uncomfortable with unfamiliar settings.
    "Housepets are house-trained ... not supermarket or restaurant trained! When pets are in strange unknown places, they might pee or poo out of fear," she said.

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