Popular DJ alleges abuse in Facebook post

23 Mar 2018 / 19:07 H.

PETALING JAYA: Local female DJ Leng Yein has alleged that she was roughed up by her ex-boyfriend, hours after a live-streamed video of her in distress.
Taking her plight to social media, Leng detailed an account of being abused in a lengthy Facebook post, accompanied by several images of her covered in blood and bruises, claiming that it was the result of abuse from her former partner.
In the post, Leng claimed that she endured abuse and threats throughout the entire two-year relationship with the man, whom she described as a lawyer that "are close to the police and law".
"I have nothing to lose anymore. Even if you want to use your lawyer friends or police friends.
I will make my voice loud and clear so that I can stop other women from domestic violence that I had to go through," she said in the post.
She claimed that at one point, her boyfriend had even threatened to kill her and her sister.
Leng however said that she decided to make her private affair public because her partner had went too far.
The pictures which she shared showed her head covered in blood as well as bruises and cuts she suffered on her face and limbs.
In the 10-minute live stream video hours earlier, Leng was shown having a verbal argument with the man before she decided to lock herself in a room and broke down in tears.
She had also pleaded to her three million followers on Facebook by updating a status that read "help me".
The pictures which she posted however did not seem to be the latest as the colour of her hair did not match with that in the live-stream video.
In her post, Leng said she had an argument with her ex soon after she arrived in Malaysia after undergoing an emergency surgery in Taiwan for severe allergy.
Leng said she broke up with her partner before going for the surgery.
Leng is regarded as one of Malaysia's most popular DJs, and has performed gigs in various other countries.


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