Ramasamy slams blogger for police report against councillor Marshel

04 Feb 2018 / 18:15 H.

GEORGE TOWN: Deputy Chief Minister II Prof Dr P. Ramasamy has slammed a blogger for lodging a police report against Seberang Prai Municipal Council councillor David Marshel over his alleged allegations that 14-year old M. Vasanthapiriya was murdered.
She had died on Thursday after an apparent attempt to take her own life eight days earlier after she was accused by teachers for stealing a smartphone at SMK Methodist school in Nibong Tebal.
Ramasamy took to task blogger Rajvinder Singh Jassy, who goes by the online pen name Raggie Jessy for trying to gain cheap publicity from the tragedy.
"When the entire nation is mourning over this senseless death, this chap (Rajvinder) goes and lodges a police report on baseless grounds."
An irate David was said to have uttered that the girl could have been murdered in his capacity as the Malaysian Tamilar Kural (MTL) president.
According to Ramasamy, the case revolves around bringing justice to the family of the girl.
What the authorities should be investigating is not the cause of death, but the circumstances which drove the girl to take her life, Ramasamy said in an interview.
He said that Rajvinder could be harbouring a hidden agenda by going after David; perhaps he could have a political motive.
"But this is not politics. It is about a community and the people grieving over the death of this girl who has barely started her life."
Instead of helping David to bring justice to the family, Rajvinder goes and does the opposite by trying to complicate the issue, said Ramasamy.
He hoped that the blogger would come to his senses and help the community in their cause to find a reasonable solution to the case.


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