16 Jul 2018 / 15:21 H.

This is essentially a Die Hard wannabe flick that lacks depth, but attempts to get by using the global appeal of its leading man, Johnson.
The story begins with a hostage situation that goes bad, and FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) loses a leg as a result.
Years later, Will is married to Sarah (Neve Campbell), the doctor who saved him, and is a father of two.
He takes a job in Hong Kong doing security assessment for Zhao Min Zhi (Chin Han), a billionaire who built the world's tallest – and supposedly safest – skyscraper called The Pearl.
Will is recommended by his friend, Ben (Pablo Schreiber), who has an ulterior motive for helping Will get the job.
It turns out that Ben's employers want a tablet that Zhao has given to Will. The tablet grants Will full access to the entire security and safety system of The Pearl.
The system lies in a sphere on top of the building. It is actually a whole lot of high-definition TV monitors that function like a house of mirrors.
Things really kick off when a group of bad guys show up and set fire to the 95th floor, trapping all those on the higher floors, and killing any poor staff who stand in their way.
Will's wife and children are trapped trying to escape the fire. So to save them, our hero – despite having a false leg – must scale tall scaffolding, jump across a great distance into the burning building, walk on a narrow ledge to jump into a turbine, and naturally beat the bad guys to a pulp.
The movie essentially rips off a few other movies in parts (including The Towering Inferno) but lacks that emotional depth to make it memorable.
Many of the scenes defy logic such as Will jumping a great distance from a crane into the burning building.
The villains' motivations come across as a bit excessive but then again, everything in this film is a bit excessive.
This is an out-and-out popcorn flick that fans of Johnson and action flicks would love.

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