Sultan Nazrin: Malay rulers protect people against usurpation

06 Aug 2017 / 09:12 H.

PUTRAJAYA: The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah said the Malay rulers were in the best position to protect the interests of the people from being hit by 'waves of power struggle'.
He said the Royal Institution was a continuation of tradition in maintaining the nation's identity, a symbol of sovereignty which is the crown of the nation.
"The Malay Rulers are in the best position to protect the interests of the people," he said at the 'Memperkukuh Pasak Negara: Ke Arah Wasiat Lebih Tersurat' or "Strengthening National Pillar: Towards A More Tangible Will' Convention here today.
He said the basic things, especially those touching on Islam and the Malays which had been agreed upon during the enactment of the constitution, should not be traded for the purpose of achieving short-term political gains.
The fundamental principles should not be sacrificed in trying to protect any party, organisation or individuals.
"The fundamental principles touching on Islam and the Malays, should never be compromised.
 "Whatever the excuses, whatever tricks there may be in achieving the short-term goals of any party, the fate of the ummah (Muslims) must not be put at stake today or in future," he said.
Sultan Nazrin Shah said that it was the responsibility of the rulers to observe, monitor and to have the courage to tick off those running the administration to ensure that they were transparent, sincere, accountable and honest in carrying out their responsibilities for the overall peace, prosperity and well-being of the nation.
He said the ruler was not merely there to fulfill the traditional functions of a constitutional  monarchy or as a symbol of power in performing ceremonial tasks.
"The ruler is not just a rigid decorative monument, who is lifeless and with no soul. Rulers are not blind, deaf and dumb.
He said the honest views in relation to the Islamic religion, the national language, the unity of the people, freedom of the judiciary, corruption, abuse of power and various other issues arise with the intention to ensure the country remains stable and safe so that the people could live in peace and prosperity.
Sultan Nazrin said it was important for those who were in the position to advise the rulers to be sincere, wise, knowledgeable and truthful so that the ruler is not lulled into believing and being influenced by untruths.
"Those who falsify facts and protect the truth from the ruler are committing treason," he said.
Meanwhile, Sultan Nazrin said the rulers and the royal families cannot escape from being the targets of photographers and the media.
"Rulers should not take the role of the media lightly in today's borderless world.  The rulers must avoid repercussions which may attract media attention," he said.
Also present were Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, National Dakwah Council chairman Tan Sri Dr Aziz Abdul Rahman and Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia president, Dr Yusri Mohamad. — Bernama

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