Super Blue Blood Moon observation at National Planetarium

28 Jan 2018 / 18:29 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Members of the public who wish to observe the Super Blue Blood Moon can gather at the National Planetarium for the observation programme.
The combination of three lunar phenomenon dubbed the Super Blue Blood Moon will be visible on Jan 31, 2018, between 7pm till midnight.
The National Planetarium in a statement said several telescopes will be provided for observing the lunar eclipse.
The Planetarium will also hold a briefing on the phenomenon, an astro-photography shoot and lunar eclipse prayers.
"The eclipse phase of the moon will begin at 7.48pm until 11.11pm and the total lunar eclipse will begin at 8.51pm before reaching its maximum phase at 9.29pm and end at 10.07pm," the National Planetarium said in a statement.
The Super Blue Blood Moon phenomenon, which was last observed on March 31, 1866, is a combination of the Supermoon, Bluemoon and Bloodmoon phenomena.
The Supermoon phenomenon occurs when a full moon is at the nearest position to earth in its orbit, making it appear larger than normal.
The Bluemoon phenomenon is the full moon phase that takes place on the same date, which is the second full moon phase in January 2018.
While the Bloodmoon is the lunar eclipse, where the moon appears reddish after light from the sun is filtered through earth's atmosphere.
According to the National Planetarium, other ideal locations to observe the Super Blue Blood Moon phenomenon are from the coastal areas facing the sea on the east side, hilltop areas, highlands, on top of tall buildings or anywhere with an unobstructed view of the sky on the east.
For more information, the public can contact the National Planetarium at 03-22735484 or email or log on to or their social media account Facebook Planetarium Negara.

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