Time for Gender Equality Act to curb sexual harassment: Maria Chin

27 May 2018 / 18:26 H.

PETALING JAYA: It is time for a Gender Equality Act to be put into place so that offenders do not get away with light to serious acts of violation that undermine women's human rights, said Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah.
"The comments made on a live talk show against YB Nurul is sexual harassment. We have to begin to name the crime and not call it anything else. It was done intentionally and deliberately to harass and to make YB Nurul's topic irrelevant. He did not ask one morsel of a question on the related topic.
"I must also add that the compere's comment to thank the person for his "teguran" is acknowledging that it was ok... Sorry, it wasn't as it should be seen as an insult to the station for using its airtime to sexually harass one of their invited guests.
"Many a time, a woman's dressing is not only commented on in a derogatory manner but she is always made to be the offender instead, because of her nonconforming dressing or behaviour.
"This form of minimising women's worth and contributions is an outrage to what we have achieved since May 9. Malaysians voted for change and we will work towards ending discrimination and patriarchal attitudes.
"It's time to stop, name the crime and take action against offenders.
"Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has acknowledged that women face discrimination and he is right," she said in a statement today.
Meanwhile, law advocate Latheefa Koya described the caller as being only a "pervert, not a politician nor a celebrity nor a leader who said it! You find them everywhere. I find it ridiculous to call the organisers of the show to apologise."
They were commenting about a recent incident where a caller claimed to have "advised" on the Permatang Pauh MP's dressing.
Nurul had retorted via Twitter, saying that she was initially taken aback.
"Such invasiveness smacks of the sexism and harassment women have had to endure. We must push back, inculcate better appreciation and treatment of women," she said.


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