Varsity student makes RM28,300 monthly from farming cockroaches

06 Aug 2017 / 14:34 H.

A TAIWANESE student earns 200,000 New Taiwan Dollars (about RM28,300) per month from farming and selling cockroaches.
According to a China Press report, 20-year-old Tong started breeding cockroaches as he found it troublesome to buy these pests to feed his pet.
He started farming them and they started to multiply at an alarming rate. In six months he had 30,000 to 40,000 cockroaches in his apartment.
Tong found a buyer Tse who was willing to take all the cockroaches off his hands. They continued to work together with Tong managing a cockroach farm.
The student now has over 2.7 million cockroaches of different species in the farm. He sells them wholesale to Tse who retails the pests as pet food.

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