Woman in distress claims police denied her protection

14 Mar 2018 / 10:56 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: An entrepreneur who claims to have been harassed by a motorist has alleged that the police had turned a blind eye to her predicament when she tried to seek protection at a police station here on Monday.
Kogee Sinniah took her plight to social media today by posting two videos of herself detailing her encounter with the driver of another vehicle and a sentry policeman at the Alam Damai police station.
In the first video, which she took soon after the incident, the teary-eyed woman said in between sobs on how she had lost faith in the police for failing to ensure her and her son's safety.
The woman said she had picked her young son from a training session before dropping off some items at a friend's place and was heading home when she came to a road that was under construction in Alam Damai.
She said, as a result, there was a bottleneck and admits that she might have unintentionally swerved into the path of the other car.
Soon after, the other car which had several occupants in it began trailing her.
Fearing for her safety, Kogee said she quickly called the police.
She said she told a policeman she had planned to drive into a police station after he asked her what she intended to do.
When she stopped at a traffic lights junction, about 50m from the Alam Damai police station, the BMW driver drove past her and blocked her path.
"This was when I honked continuously for about two or three minutes calling and signalling for help but nobody came to help me. The driver then drove off and I drove over to the entrance of the police station. I could not go in as there was a cone blocking the way. A policeman from the post came over and the first thing he asked me was - "are you the one honking just now".
So what does this mean? He actually heard someone as in distress and needed help but not one of them came to check what was happening. The driver of the BMW could have had a weapon.
They could have attacked me." she said.
She claims that after the policeman asked her about the honking, he peered into the car to see what she was wearing.
Kogee said she was clad in a pair of shorts and on seeing the policeman "checking out" her legs, she became very angry.
She said the BMW showed up outside the police station moments later and the policemen went up to them and was seen talking to them.
Kogee said she called up 999 and spoke to the police again and told them she was not being let into the station.
"I am there with my son and then a police officer comes out and I explained the situation. The police officer told me to speak to him nicely. Finally, he lets me in and I broke down not because I felt weak but because I needed help. I did the right thing. I called the police and took down the registration plate number of the BMW and I called out for help."
Kogee said she later received a call from a policewoman who asked her why she did not lodge a police report.
"I told her that I had lost trust. Then she told me the reason why the man followed me was because I almost hit his car. Is that an offence? Didn't anyone tell them that they could have lodged a report instead of following and harassing me. It felt like they (police) had decided it is my fault." she said.
Kogee said she cried because the police are supposed to protect and although she understood that public cars are disallowed into the station's compound, there should be exceptions in cases someone is in high distress.
She said she also learnt that there was a new rule that public cars are not allowed into police stations.
Contacted by theSun yesterday, Cheras police chief ACP Abdul Ghani Mohamad Ji said investigations are ongoing and all parties involved in the case will be called up to have their statements recorded.
He also denied that the public was disallowed from driving into a police station in times of distress.
"It is not wrong for a public for a civilian to be allowed to drive into a police station and there are no directive we have received prohibiting this. We have commenced our investigations and will speak to all those involved to get a clearer picture of the incident ." Abdul Ghani said.


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