Youngest candidate Prabakaran votes for first time

09 May 2018 / 17:59 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Eager Malaysians gathered as early as 6.30am at various polling stations to make their mark for a better future.
At least 100 voters were seen forming a bee-line outside the polling stations in the Batu constituency before 8 am.
PKR endorsed independent candidate Prabakaran, 22, who arrived 8 am at the Chong Hwa Independent School in Jalan Ipoh, cast his votes within minutes.
Walking out with a big smile, he showed off his inked finger and waved at voters, who returned his gesture.
"This is my first time voting. I am very happy today.
"Please go out and vote; vote for justice," Prabakaran told reporters outside the polling station. 
Barisan Nasional's Dominic Lau, who arrived at 9 am, had to line up behind hundreds of voters who were mostly already there since 8 am.
While waiting for his turn, he greeted and shook hands with several voters around him.
"I am very happy that I have cast my vote as a citizen. It is our responsibility to the country.
"Five years passed very fast. I remember the time I voted in the last elections. I hope we would be able to form a strong Parliament seat in Batu," Lau said after casting his vote at 9.35am.
The police officers of duty were the station at various locations as early as 4 am.
Election Commission staff, as well as the polling and counting agents, gathered at all the polling stations by 6 am to start their long day till the end of polling at 5 pm.

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