Asia-focused sustainability consultant maintains competitive edge by helping clients meet demands, enter new markets and map out latest strategies

Aubrens’ 10-year journey translates into successful sustainability performances for Malaysia’s heavyweights

KUALA LUMPUR: Sustainability consultant firm Aubrens’ ten-year journey has transgressed into the success of the country’s heavyweights reporting on their sustainability performance.

They include powerhouses in the fields of banking and finance, multinational conglomerates, and construction luminaries which have subscribed to Aubrens’ services.

Aubrens managing partner Dr Jayanthi Desan said there were multiple benefits to being ESG compliant and this was apparent in their clients improving in the delivery of their products and services.

“We see our clients not just getting better in terms of sustainability-linked bonds and loans as well as better cost to business but also in reimagining their products and services and enabling them to meet demands, new markets, new strategies and that’s where the opportunities are.

“In doing so they are energising their people, building thriving communities and building a better world,” said Desan who has a PhD in standards of sustainability from Queen Mary, University of London in the United Kingdom.

Desan who is equipped with over 18 years of experience in governance and sustainability said Aubrens has a ten-year heritage of working in multi sectors and multi-industries across Asia.

“We are Asia focused simply because risks and opportunities in Asia are distinct and exciting in terms of where Asia is going and what companies are showing in their growth and we are reinvigorated by what Asia has to offer.

“This is where our deep technical expertise and ability to simplify tools are enabling companies to continue their ESG journey. This is what Aubrens is all about,” said Desan who began her career as a prosecuting officer with the Securities Commission of Malaysia prior to taking up academic positions locally and in the United Kingdom.

She also launched Aubrens’ new space today giving an insight into what the office represents in terms of sustainability.

“We are truly excited about this new space. It is going to mark a moment where we have a community of our people, working, thriving, enjoying their space.

“It also enables our clients to continue building relationships, growing and reimagining the world. That’s how important this space is for us,” she added.

Besides delivering strategic solutions, insights and advice to businesses, Aubrens enables them to create long-term value by doing business sustainably.

Working with diverse clients, Aubrens navigates non-financial risk issues and create opportunities to help companies gain that competitive edge.

As sustainability consultants with an outstanding track record in innovation and best practice across the ASEAN region, Aubrens is dedicated to helping organisations manage their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenges with innovative, creative and effective tools that deliver real results.

In sharing some of the ESG challenges, Desan said there were too many expectations on an organization.

“There is too much noise and the clutter is because there are multiple frameworks, multiple assessment tools, multiple regulators requiring different methodologies and no clear overview of how organisations are being accessed.

“So, then organisations don’t know – are they progressing? Are they doing better? And of course, there are organisations who believe they already have some good ESG practices. These are the major challenges in terms of ESG today,” she said.

Meanwhile Aubrens CEO Shanggari Balakrishnan said Aubrens is Malaysia’s sustainability pioneer, having had a decade’s head start in ESG, spanning over 15 industries, and having run over 100 sustainability projects.

“Aubrens is not only setting out to become Asia’s premier ESG enabler. We intend and have already begun collaborations and partnerships with think tanks and the non-profit sector, which will see us championing sustainability in Asia, working from grassroots upwards to spread the necessity, benefits and positive impact of ESG initiatives.

“Our expertise will also be channeled to the ACES Institute, a broader initiative of the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (organised by MORS Group) which seeks out the most outstanding of new Asian leadership, and companies which have made sustainability a key part of their corporate governance,” said Balakrishnan who has over 15 years of experience in the Asian business market with extensive know how in market development, branding, and programme management.

Balakrishnan who is also the CEO of MORS Group and has built working relationships with over 800 CEOs, heads of state, and investors across the globe said her role in Aubrens encompasses internal organizational management, strategic marketing, multi-party collaborations, and media management.

“Aubrens will focus on being catalysts for business transformation via strategic and technical ESG solutions.

“We will achieve this by simplifying the ESG journey for clients, and making it easier for corporates, no matter their size, to navigate a changing world via responsible environmental and social reporting,” she added.