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PETALING JAYA: As people begin to realise the importance of fast, reliable, and precise biotest and treatment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (Taitra) yesterday organised the Smart Medical and Biotesting Webinar to highlight the latest trends and innovations in Taiwan healthcare industry to the world.

In his opening remarks, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute vice president Dr Lin Chii-Wann said medical services are moving towards personalisation from centralisation to meet every individual’s needs.

“Technology is the key factor that drives the development of smart medical technology. This event gathered healthcare and medical industry experts in Taiwan so they can use this platform to share knowledge in medical information and create technology products to address current healthcare issues,“ said Lin, who is also the institute’s biomedical technology and device research laboratories director.

Four Taiwan Excellence award-winning companies namely Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc (TANBead), Young Optics Inc, Aeon Biotherapeutics Corp, and Sigknow Biomedical Co Ltd showcased their products during the virtual event themed Effective Biotest and Customised Treatment.

TANBead introduced Maelstrom 4800 designed to meet the demand for automated and scalable throughput extraction devices for RNA/DNA purification as it believes early detection of disease is critical to curbing its spread and improving people’s health. Maelstrom 4800 has a time-saving feature that enables reproducible extraction and consistent recovery of nucleic acids.

Young Optics’ MiiCraft showcased its Prime series 3D printer which utilises DLP technology, a high-resolution chip solution combined with sophisticated optics set to make it an ideal 3D printer for dental applications to improve treatment for certain medical conditions that needed customisation and personalisation. 3D printer technology is the best solution to make products with high accuracy and efficiencythat can be tailored for each patient.

Aeon Biotherapeutics CEO Shih-Wei George Chen said its Acti-PRP and A-BMC treatment are used by many medical surgeries such as orthopaedics, neurosurgery, dermatology, and urology. To helps the body to heal by regrowing or repairing damaged bones and tissue, it will draw blood or bone marrow from a patient and extracts platelet-rich plasma.

Sigknow Biomedical’s EZYPRO Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution is able to increase the detection rate of arrhythmia by three to five times and allows doctor to monitor patients’ condition by checking the data that has been uploaded to the cloud platform. As Asia’s first 14-day continuous ECG recorder provider, Sigknow is a company that expertise in diagnostic solutions.

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