PETALING JAYA: The combined entity established by Graphjet Technology Sdn Bhd and Energem Corp has announced a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the United States.

The entity – a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to be identified under the ticker symbol “GTI” on Nasdaq in New York – will join the likes of more than 240 leading global enterprises including Boeing, Apple, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Samsung, in collaborating with MIT.

The collaboration entails access to researchers and leaders who will assist GTI in conducting research and promoting technological development in areas such as big data, automobiles, manufacturing, healthcare and others.

It could also help connect GTI with members of MIT, including other startups and technology-driven companies via the executive briefings designed to enhance strategic planning, examine research and technology and offer thinking on issues related to corporate management.

MIT senior director Todd Glickman said that GTI, as a member of MIT, is contributing to the world’s best practice network, along with leading members in multiple fields, as well as sharing, learning, and connecting needs among other businesses to progress together toward common goals.

GTI co-founder, executive director and CEO Aiden Lee Ping Wei said it is constantly looking for opportunities to connect and cooperate with the world’s leading businesses and partners to develop and apply the latest technologies.

Graphjet is en route to a listing targeted for the fourth quarter of this year through a merger and de-SPAC transaction with Energem Corp, a Nasdaq-listed SPAC. It is a Malaysia-based single-layer graphene producer that has developed a patented technology that will transform palm kernel shell, a waste from palm kernel production into single-layer graphene at a lower cost than the current production of graphene.