KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) position in Malaysia expanded by RM24.1 billion to record RM836.2 billion as at the end of the second quarter of 2022 (Q2) compared with RM812.1 billion in the first quarter of this year (Q1).

In a report released by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the manufacturing sector remained the largest recipient with a value of RM360 billion or 43.1 per cent, followed by financial activities at 22.7 per cent (RM189.8 billion) and wholesale and retail trade chalked up 6.3 per cent (RM53 billion).

Chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said the sources for FDI were largely from the Asia region which amounted to RM431.1 billion or 51.6 per cent mainly from Singapore and Hong Kong, followed by Europe and the Americas.

“Singapore remained as the biggest FDI, accumulating 20.8 per cent or RM174.1 billion, followed by Hong Kong at 10.9 per cent (RM91.1 billion), the United States contributed 10.8 per cent (RM90 billion) and Japan recorded 10.3 per cent (RM84.2 billion),” he said.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s international investment position registered net assets of RM62 billion for the period under review compared with net assets of RM47.3 billion in Q1.

Both total financial assets and liabilities increased to RM2,164.8 billion and RM2,102.8 billion, respectively.

Malaysia’s Direct Investment Abroad (DIA) position increased to RM577.4 billion as compared to RM551.7 billion at the end of the last quarter.

This investment was largely in financial activities which contributed 42.5 per cent or RM245.2 billion, followed by mining and quarrying (12.4 per cent) and manufacturing (9.7 per cent).

The top three destinations for DIA position were Singapore with a value of RM118 billion or 20.4 per cent, followed by Indonesia (RM59.8 billion; 10.4 per cent) and the Cayman Islands (RM35.5 billion; 6.1 per cent). - Bernama