RM43m to drive Industry4WRD programmes next year

KUALA LUMPUR: The government has set aside RM43 million to enhance the existing Industry4WRD programmes for next year, says International Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister, Datuk Darell Leiking (pix).

He said, about RM112 million was allocated for Industry4WRD implementation, which includes programmes such as Readiness Assessment (RA), Intervention Programme for RA, Facilities Upgrade via the creation of Competence Centres, Skim Latihan Dual Nasional and reskilling programme and High-Speed Broadband in industrial areas.

Next year focus will still be on RA, Intervention Programme and talent development.

The ministry according to him, targets 450 qualified Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to sign up with the RA programme next year.

This year, MITI according to him targets 500 qualified SMEs to join the government-funded programme, which assesses the firms’ readiness in adopting Industry 4.0.

To date, 713 applications have been received and 361 eligible SMEs were approved, he said.

About 82 onsite assessments have been conducted since August and the process is still ongoing for the rest of the approved applicants, said Darell at Industry4WRD Summit 209 here, today.

The two-day summit beginning today was held in conjunction with the one-year implementation of the national policy on Industry 4.0 or Industry4WRD.

Industry4WRD was launched by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Oct 31, 2018.

“Industry4WRD’s first-year performance is quite good although there was some setback in response by our SMEs, but we understand that.

“People are more focus on making their business successful through traditional ways and maybe some of them afraid on (higher) cost,“ added Darrel.

Hence, he urged companies to take advantage and sign up for RA and financial facilities offered by local banks to adopt Industry 4.0.

The summit was held in collaboration between MITI and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM).

FMM president, Tan Sri Soh Thian Lai said the federation has sent 8,000 letters to its members to encourage them to sign up for MITI’s RA programme, adding that FMM is working hard to ensure more local SMEs adopt Industry 4.0. -- Bernama