PETALING JAYA: Top Glove Corp Bhd’s share price fell as much as 5.93% or 35 sen this morning, after the company came under scrutiny with the UK launching investigation on allegations of Malaysian glove stocks being tainted by mistreatment of migrant workers.

At 11.47 am the stock was trading at RM5.67 with 10.41 million shares done.

According to media reports, the health ministry said it would investigate standards at Top Glove Corp - which makes rubber gloves sold to Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) - after a Thomson Reuters Foundation expose found some migrants working illegal overtime to pay off debts.

Top Glove last week vowed to do more to tackle excessive overtime after the Thomson Reuters Foundation found some workers clocked more than the amount permitted by law, and to cut ties with agents charging migrant workers huge fees to get them jobs.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has discovered that at least one Top Glove product is supplied to the NHS via a British firm, raising doubts about Britain’s capacity to ensure its medical supply chain is free of labour abuses and unethical practices.