LANGKAWI: Despite being the youngest among the top five national telecommunications (telco) operators, U Mobile Sdn Bhd is among the first to unveil its 5G digital initiatives at the spectrum’s test site here today.

The wireless-powered 5G spectrum is expected to galvanise the digital age with faster, clearer and precise connectivity for visual, sound and voice.

Among the mooted capabilities are overseeing autonomous vehicles, drones and high-speed connectivity for remote sensing areas.

The Berjaya Langkawi & Spa Resort here was selected as one of the three test sites to roll out 5G uplink initiatives for the consumer marketplace. The other two are Kedah and Selangor.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed is expected to formally launch the initiative here next month.

Meanwhile, UMobile’s chief technology officer Woon Ooi Yuen said the company has partnered with local startup DoctorOnCall to develop DOCpod, an online platform that enables patients to receive remote consultation from a qualified doctor in the privacy of a pod resembling a vending machine.

It is connected via a 5G fixed wireless and is a testament toward the unlimited potential of the latest broadband upgrade, which U Mobile is tapping to underline its interests to play a bigger role once the technology goes onstream, said Woon.

Erected at the resort, the DOCpod enables the user to seek quick medical consultation with a panel of some 50 general practitioners (GPs), who also have the ability to check blood pressure, sugar levels and pulse beat through the pod.

Apart from getting consultation from GPs, patients who visit the DOCpod will have their diagnosis sent to a pharmacy and their medication can be delivered to the doorsteps of their houses or hotel rooms.

DoctorOnCall co-founder and managing director Maran Virumandi said the DOCpod initiative is also for rural localities, including Langkawi, which has yet to establish a comprehensive healthcare network.

Patients can easily liaise with the panel of GPs located throughout the country and seek referral to other healthcare professionals if there is a need.

Woon said U Mobile also plans to develop new initiatives for remote sensing and a virtual (reality) tourism device, which enables prospective tourists to visualise their selected destination, adding that such services will enhance its range of services to its clientele.

These will be tailored to reflect the present reality of the tourism site and experiences, so the visualiser can easily adapt to the actual tourism site.

It also marks an exciting time for U Mobile, who is gearing to become a major services provider for the 5G network, said Woon.